“Are you looking for good coffee in Porto? Delta is the place to go. Located near Bolhão Market in the centre of the city, you can choose a menu depending on your needs. They offer varied menus that accommodate your needs either that being a coffee or a brunch, a quick breakfast or a coffee with a freshly made pastel de nata (a Portuguese delicacy that looks like a cross between a custard tart and a cake, with a crispy and flaky outside and a creamy and sweet inside) with accessible prices and top quality. This place has the particularity to be a joint facility with another Portuguese brand called “A Manteigaria” which makes those pasteis. It is incredibly hard to resist to those incredible cakes because whenever a new batch is served, a man rings a bell to let everyone know they can have a warm pastel, which is the best way to have them.

Delta is the perfect place to spend some time with friends on a rainy afternoon because it has a very cosy vibe or to read a book while drinking your coffee due to the good natural light this place has. Despite it not having tables on the street, it has plenty of room with tables for small groups who want their privacy or bigger tables that accommodate those who are in a hurry and just need their coffee as soon as possible.

I make sure to visit this place every time I’m nearby and I tend to ask for an intense coffee and a freshly made pastel de nata and it is the perfect combination. Most times they offer a cinnamon cookie with your coffee but other times they offer a small piece of dark chocolate that you can melt in your drink or eat it. The service is amazing as well as the super clean tables that are waiting for you. They also have wi-fi so it’s perfect if you are looking for a place to stop by and check your e-mail or directions.”