Manteigaria Lisboa


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Manteigaria Lisboa is known for serving freshly made pasteis de nata (a Portuguese delicacy that looks like a cross between a custard tart and a cake, with a crispy and flaky outside and a creamy and sweet inside). They are the best in the business, in my opinion, because they sticked with the traditional recipe of this delicacy where the outside crust is super crunchy and you can feel it in every bite you take. You can find this bakery pretty much in every big city in the mainland and the taste doesn’t differ from place to place (I tried in several places so you didn’t have to reach that conclusion). This in particularly is located in the heart of Lisbon near Chiado.

The menu doesn’t really offer a variety of foods or drinks. You can find the typical pastel de nata or a version with codfish (personally I find it quite odd and didn’t try it but if you are brave enough, go for it). Besides that, they serve chicken pasty, several Portuguese wines and delta coffee. 

I ordered a pastel with a coffee and they were incredible, to say the least. The problem with this kind of bakery is the lack of space to sit down and relax that most people are used too. The staff is very polite and the space is very clean even tho it’s small and can easily get crowded. They offer a type of “grab-and-go” kind of service so you only have to wait in line, get your pastel and leave. If you do decide to stay, you’ll be entertained by a big window that shows in real-time how these incredible foods are made. They also have some stools so you can sit down and watch the process while enjoying your order. This ends up being very tricky because you do end up wondering whether or not you should have another before you leave.”