The Paul Bakery Experience


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A typical bakery in France emanates the sweet aroma of delicate, decadent pastries and savory treats. If it doesn’t lure you in the first few seconds then it may not be worth mentioning its name. However, PAUL is not like most bakeries in France and its historical black and white decor differentiates it from the rest.

There is an ambiance when you enter the bakery- one of a cozy kitchen with an appeal of modern Victorian furnishings. You are immediately welcomed with a mouth-watering array dainty cakes, smooth custards and freshly baked breads. But, one of the greatest highlights is the ‘live-show’ of professional bakers pressing and tugging away at enormous pillows of dough- all in a theatrical display of conforming tightly braided loaves and signature-star baguettes.

PAUL Bakery is a bakery based on its stylish yet rustic trimmings and it seems almost fitting.
Built on the foundation of generations of well-structured traditions, the bakery was created under the spirited idea of the Mayot family since 1889. It has stood for over a century- staying true to conventional fashions of ‘kneading, proving, shaping fermenting and baking’ the bread- a classic tale for the 130 year old bakery.
With the bakery present in now over 33 countries worldwide, PAUL shows no signs of being outshined as it continues to offer its customers the best in quality that is truly unique to their brand.